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ALER, Jeanette
(Resident, since 2000, from Worth, IL)
"I moved from the Chicago area two years ago and I'm now in a tropical paradise, Meadowbrook, in Bonita Springs.  I love our beach, swimming in the Gulf, finding shells and meeting snowbirds in season."
ANONYMOUS, Sarah and Tori, the Bonita Beach twins
(Residents, since 1993, from Brooklyn, NY)
"We've lived on the beach since we were six months old and we're nine now!  We love Bonita Springs....the beach, our school and plenty to do!"
Email our mom (a Brooklyn NY native) at chris34134@earthlink.net
South Seaville, NJ  (2 wks, first visit)
"All play and no work - our relaxing retreat."
BAKER, Jordan and Nancy (Mom and Photographer)
Wheeling, WV (2 wks, since 1995)
"Bonita is not so commercialized yet, relaxing to just get away and BBQ.  Hi to Dad, Seth and to Coach Marsh and Mrs. Kuhn at Wheeling Middle School."  Email:  Ellendpck@aol.com (Photo with Matt, Beccy and Dusty didn't come out.)
BARKASZI, Dominic, Tony, Gina & Mary (mom)  (Residents,  since 1996) 
"A really great place to live!  The people are a joy, the weather is super and the beaches are just what a stress-filled life needs for reprieve; they are void of all the commercialism most beaches have and loaded with the beauty of God's creation."
BARSON, Chuck A.
Estero, FL  (Resident, since 2001, from Union Lake, MI)
"Can't beat a great day at the beach."
BENNETT, Evelyn & Paul
Staten Island, NY (4 mos, since 1997)
"Bonita Springs is the perfect place for us to enjoy many outdoor activities.  Each day we ask ourselves shall we walk, bike ride or fish and swim at the beach.  What decisions!   Hi to all our running friends in Gateway Park."
BOLTON, Roger & Anne, Slough, UK (2 wks, first visit, February 2002) and ROBERTSON, Jean & Gene (Snowbirds, since 1984)
"Compared to the United Kingdom in February, Bonita Springs is sunny, warm, friendly, with a beautiful beach, very hospitable.  Hi to John & Alexandra and family, Michael and Amy, from us all."
BOUSHELL, Paul & Joanne
(Residents, since 1993, from Easton, MA)
"9 years of the good life on Bonita Beach."
(Note:  Paul and Joanne really know how to secure an umbrella for windy days.)
BRAZIL,  Shawn & Kimberly
Memphis, TN (1 week, first visit, January 2002)
BUNN, Mollie, Steven (Dad) and Olivia
(Residents, since 1986)
"It's Paradise.  What's not to like?  The kids love rollerblading, mini golf and riding their bikes -- and the beach, of course."
Toronto, Canada (Snowbird, since 1967)
"I love the beach.  You can walk to your heart's content, finding new ocean treasures every day.  On rainy days, the shopping's great.  The best exercise in the world is free.  My special greetings to Trieb Entertainment, Inc., in Toronto."
(Resident, since 1982, from New London, CT)
"You don't have to die to go to Heaven; you can find it right here.  I love walking the beach at low tide with the seagulls chattering away.  And the sunsets are fantastic.  Special greetings to Tuiren and Ross and all the grandkids and to all my relatives back in Connecticut."
CATENA, Carmine & Marge
(Residents, since 1996)
"Every day is Paradise.  A must see.  Hi to my sisters and brothers in New Jersey and to all the Catena family."
CORCORAN, Ann & Jack
Sudbury, MA (Snowbirds, since 1996)
"Greetings from our favorite beach in SW Florida!  The weather is unbeatable and the people couldn't be nicer.  Come and see the Red Sox play.  Hi to John, Cindy, Jo, Lynn, Pete, Jim and Larry."
COUYOUMJIAN, Harry & Julie
Northville, MI  (Snowbirds,  since 1993)
"Total relaxation or an endless number of activities; it's your choice.  And all our love to Myles, Robin, Myles and Robbie (MA); Harry, Cindy, Claire and Kobe (CA); and Clark, Ann, Nicholas and Baby-To-Be (MI).  And a special hello to all our friends at St. John's Armenian Church in Southfield, Michigan."
DALIA, Carol 
(Resident, since 1988, from Boston, MA)
"I love all my family back in Bahst'n, but I'm so glad they come down here to visit instead of having me go back up there.  This beach and this city are two of the greatest places in the world.  A very special and loving hi to everybody up north there."
DALIA, Jessica
(Resident, since 1988, from Boston, MA)
"This beach is beautiful.  It's a great place to relax and bring visitors.  So many people are so nice here.  It's Paradise.  Hi to all my family up in Massachusetts."
DAVENPORT, Erin (Native, since 1979) and MITCHELL, Tommy (Resident, Jan 2002, from Smyrna, SC)
(ED)  "Bonita Springs is a place everyone would love to call home."
DAVIS, Ginny
Milford, MA (1 week, first visit March 2002)
"The water is unbelievable, warm in March, sure beats shoveling snow.   78-degree water, 85-degree air in March is WONDERFUL.  Hi to Beth in Milford, Jack in Tampa, and Mary in Portsmouth, RI."
DENKER, Jack & Ruth (grandmother)
Brian & Kristen Denker (parents, not shown)
Naperville, IL (Snowbirds, since 1995)
Warmenster, PA (3 mos, since 1995)
"Best home away from home.  And hi to the group at B. Doettger & Son."
(Resident, since 1989)
"A terrific place to live and work."
FEDDEMA, Len and Jane
(Residents, since 1982, from Ithaca, NY)
"The garden spot of the West Coast of Florida.  Adam and Eve would feel right at home here (and nobody grows apples down here).  Our special greetings to Dick and Joyce Church, Gordon and Jane and Jim, (Ithaca, NY)"
(Resident, since 1998)
"When I come home every week, it's home to Paradise."
(Resident, seit 1983)
"Der Strand ist sehr schön, das Wetter wunderbar im ganzen Jahr"
GAUDREAU, Elizabeth, daughter of Edward & Jessica Gaudreau
Newport, VT (2 weeks, since 1986)
"Friendly people, good food, plenty to do besides the beach."
(Clever idea; they tied a kite string to the beach ball, so it won't blow away.)
GETZ, Vera
(Resident, since 1988, from Portland, MO)
"I love the beach and the small town feeling I get from the very friendly people here.  Hi to the gang at the Riverfront Bar and Grill in Portland, Missouri."
GILMORE, Bob and Carol
Raynham, MA (Snowbirds, since 1988)
"It's Paradise every day.  The most relaxing place on Florida's East or West Coast.  Hi to Aprile & Stephen, Bob & Karen, Steven & Kathy, Laura & Ron, Michael & Mary, our 25 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren."
GOLONKO, Bill and Jo
East Wakefield, NH (Snowbirds, since 1998)
"Paradise found.  The only downside is that Bill get eyestrain from looking at all the pretty young girls.  Hi to Roy and Carol, Kim and Tom, Lynn and Mike, Jody and Wayne, Irene and Gordon, and to everybody at the Belleau Lake Association." Email:  billyj@mymailstation.com
HARRELL, Keira, Carole (Mom) and Kelyn, (rear), and BREEN, Ashley, and BOUTCHIE, Erin (front)  Ipswich, MA (4 wks, since 1992)
"Bonita is beautiful and lots of fun.  We love the water, the dolphins, and even a bit of sunburn is okay.  Hi to Bryan, Evan, Mike, Ian, Derek, Liz & Lou, Paula & John, Donna & Jim, and everyone at Triton High in Byfield, MA."
HENNESSEY, Rhiannan and Cody, and HANSON, Marti (Grandmother)
(Resident, since 1988)
"It's a beautiful place to retire, but if you have to work, it's one of the best places to live and work.  Wish we could get to the beach more often."
HICKS, Grant, and BACHRACH, Jan
(Residents, 1997 and 1984)
"Throw live shells back in the Gulf!"
(Resident, since 1992, from Shiloh, IL)
"I love walking the beach, finding shark's teeth and just relaxing.  And on rainy days, I remind myself that I did NOT move here for the weather -- I moved here for the climate.  Hi to Brandon, Debbie Humphrey, Beckie Wilson, Lucy Ham (Mom) and everybody else still stuck back up there."
HUEBSCH, Brigitte (Woodbury, MN, 2 wks, since 1992) and LAWSON, Sandy (Resident, since 1989, from Sacramento, CA)
(BH)  "Another perfect week of self-indulgence.  Hi to Ben & Emily, Lindsey & Elizabeth.  I love you all."
(SL)  "Wouldn't live anywhere else.  Hi to Michael Keyner, Klaus Wirsing and all my pals in Sacramento."

JEPPSON, Linda (Resident, since 2001, from Decatur, IL) and MUNSON, Ginny,  Decatur, IL (1 wk, first visit, February 2002)
(LJ) "Another beautiful day in Paradise.  Hi to all my friends in Decatur."
(GM) "A beautiful place, like being in Paradise.  Hi to Steve and Joyce, to all my friends in Decatur and to all my online buddies."

(Snowbird, since 1987, from Howell, MI)
"The warmth in my aging body is wonderful, but I don't like the crowds, traffic or waiting in line at restaurants.  Hi to Greg, Heather and Matt from Grandma and Grampa."
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Snowbird, since 1988)
"Great place.  Never miss a day at the beach.  And a special Hi to Sandra"