MACDONALD, Dave and Joan
Jackson, NJ (1 month, 16 yrs)
"Hi to all our family and friends from unique Bonita Beach.  After discovering Bonita in 1986, we have come to realize this is our favorite beach for R&R.  It's never boring, and it's bountiful with warm water, sandy beaches, beautiful shells and wonderful people."
MacDONALD, Orville and McCONNELL, Michael
Needham, MA and Ogdensburg, NJ (Snowbirds, 15 years/ 27 years)
(OM):  "One of the best places in Southwest Florida.  If I couldn't go swimming, I wouldn't live here nine months of the year.  Hi to Chris, Amy and Catherine."
(MM):  "Came here in 1975, wish it still was the same quiet town it was then.  Hi to Mike and Pat."   (Even at age 91, Mike still swims every day, plays golf and goes dancing.)
MAIER, Gerhardt
Hopferbach, Deutschland  (3-4 Monate, 15 Jahre)
"Den Winter in Deutschland zu verkürzen.  Am liebsten spiele ich Fussball, aber Beach Volleyball ist eine gute Abwechslung."
(Resident, 5 yrs, from North Conway, NH)
"This place is so mellow and relaxed.  I'm here; come visit.  Hi to Wally and everybody at Fandangle's Restaurant, North Conway, NH."
MILLER, Bob, and PEHLKE, Waneeta
(Residents, 10 yrs, from St. Paul, MN, and Nanaime, BC, Canada)
(BM) "On retirement, I bought a motorhome to travel around the US looking for a place to spend winters.  The second year, I found Bonita Springs, sold the motorhome and stayed.  In 1999, I found Waneeta, and Bonita Springs looks even better now.  Great beaches, golfing, nice people and gorgeous sunsets.  Hi to the poker players at Mel's Barber Shop in West St. Paul, MN and (from WP) to the Chicks with Sticks."
MILLER, Marion
(Resident, 8 yrs, from Gibbstown, NJ)
"So relaxing, enjoyable people, fun things to see, and lots of beautiful shells!  Hi to Megan, Sal, Rob, Jake, Julie, Lindsay and Zach."
MINNITI, Tony and Diane
West Orange, NJ, (1 week, first visit)
"A little bit of heaven on earth.  Southwest Florida seems like a great place to live, and we're looking now.  Hi to James, Anthony and Mark."
MORGAN, Joann (3 wks, 20 yrs) and LOGAN, Charlene (Snowbird, 6 yrs)
Crawfordsville, IN
(JM)  "Lots of things to do, hope to visit again.  Hi, Jim."
(CL)  "Great beaches, great dancing and great weather.  And hi to all the dancers in the Russellville (IN) area."
Naples, FL  (Resident, 6 yrs, from Towson, MD)
"There really IS a 'La-La-Land,' and it is Florida's West Coast.  But the secret is out and too many people know now!  Oh, well."
MURPHY, Dick & Joan
Riverside, RI (Snowbirds, 12 yrs)
"Most beautiful sunsets in Southwest Florida.  And our special greetings to Shaun, Brandon, Molly and Luke and to Pete Butts and all the gang at the Lincoln Bar in Riverside Square."
Lake Oconee, Eatonton, GA  (3 mos, 11 yrs)
"Hi, Lake Oconee.  If you think it's perfect there, you should come visit Bonita."  Hi to Aubrey, Sammy, Stephen, Drew and Peter from Nana."
MYERS, Barbara
Wenonah, NJ (2 mos, 7 yrs)
"Very relaxing, love the beach and swimming in the Gulf.  Lots of good shopping and restaurants.  Hi to Heather, Tiffany, Brittany, Melany and Jason." 

NOWICKI, Thomas, Bryan and Elizabeth
Detroit, MI (1 wk, 6 yrs)
"A beautiful place to visit."
(When they were done, their sand castle was almost as elaborate as the house in the background.)


(Resident, 27 yrs, from Cincinnati, OH)
"Bonita is the best beach in the world.  Maui is a distant second.  And Hi to David, Mary Ann and the Laurenceburg Tigers (1940, IN)."
(If you find what you think might be a shark's tooth, this is the expert to check with.  He arrives every day at exactly 15 minutes after noon.)
OUELLETTE, Marlene, and NESMITH, Angela
Naples, FL (Resident, 6 yrs) and Bedford, NH (2 wks, 6 yrs)
(MO)  "Love Bonita Beach, gathering shells and my special talks with BB.  Can't wait to bring my new grandson 'CJ' here.  Hi to the whole family from the Shell Queen."
(AN)  "So glad our best friends moved to Bonita six years ago!  Love coming to visit Paradise.  Special hellos to Zach, Adam and Ashley."
Ottawa, Canada  (Snowbird, 3 yrs)
Whitman, MA  (3 wks, 6 yrs)
"It's beautiful, like being in another world.  I love relaxing on the beach, and people-watching is pretty amazing.  Hi to Rick, Jan, Sue, Deb, Lisa and all the grandkids and great-grandkids, and to Agnes Malley and Donna Galligan."
Lakeville, MN (1 month, 15 yrs)
"Yup, it's another s..tty day in Paradise.  I love it here on the beach and watching the gorgeous sunsets.  Special greetings to Vicky and Mark."
RAHE, Mark
Corning, NY (Snowbird, 11 years)
"It's a fountain of youth, where even us old guys can play volleyball and observe the beautiful scenery.  And hi to the crew at the Village Inn in Corning."
RANGEL, Mike and Diana
Columbus, OH (2 weeks, 2nd visit)
"We got married on Sanibel Causeway on 2/8/03, and honeymooned for 2 beautiful weeks on Bonita Beach. We'd like to say hi to all the great friends we met at our favorite beach spot (across from the Bonita Beach & Tennis Club).   A special thanks for the warm wedding congrats we received from Lucy, Jackie & Bob, Obie, Kenny, Jack, Anna and others!  See you all next year, same time, same place."
(Resident, 8 yrs, from Philadephia, PA)
"Hi to Judy, Jackie and Rosemary."
(Residents, 10 yrs)
"Great views of the local scenery."
RONDEAU, Kathy, RUPENTHAL, Virginia & BIGG, Marla
LaPorte, IN  (2 weeks/ first visit)
"Been to Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and this is as beautiful as any of those places.  Everything you need for the beach is right here.  It's comfortable, Heaven on Earth; the air is like wine, puts your brain on vacation."
(Resident, 4 yrs, from Alliance, OH)
"Bonita Beach is a great place to relax, think and meditate.  It's the greatest therapy in the world.  Hi to Jimi and Jack in Alliance, Ohio."
SANDS, Javon, VIVIANI, Mara, and SANDS, Spencer
Kingston, NY  (1 week, first visit)
"We love this place.  It's warm, quiet, would love to live here.  Even the clouds are gorgeous.  Too bad Spencer's scared of fish." 
SCALISE, Fran (Resident, 3 yrs, from Chicago, IL) and LEWCHANYN, Leslie (daughter-in-law, Chicago, IL, 6 wks/yr, 3 yrs)
(LL) "My home away from home.  A beautiful escape from life back in Chicago.  Bonita is truly a paradise from Heaven.  Hi to Christina, Cindy and everybody back home.  Hope you're all staying warm.  HA-HA!"
Akron, OH  (2 wks, first visit)
"I love lazy days at the beach."
SKEEL, Joe and Ruth
Byron Center, MI (1 month, 3 yrs)
"A beautiful place to visit and relax, with many good places to eat."
SKUDA, Oralie
LaSalle, Quebec, Canada (5 mos, 7 yrs)
"There is no better beach than Bonita Beach (it's a great place to relax and read), and the Bonita area is great for dining, shopping and all kinds of activities.  Hi to everybody in LaSalle."
SLAWIK, Kalle & Gerda
Braunschweig, Deutschland (7 Woche, 12 Jahre)
"Wir besuchten vielen Lände, z.B. Spanien, Afrika, Hawaii, Mexico und Thailand, aber Bonita ist seit 12 Jahren unsere zweiter Heimat geworden."
SOSNOWSKI, Jean & Edward
South Seaside Park, NJ (Snowbirds, 15 yrs)
"We have the best of both worlds, lots to visit and see, reasonable prices, but we don't like waiting an hour for a table at restaurants.  Hi to Scott and Todd, Nancy and Bill, Sara and Jesse and Paul and Susan."
ST. FLEUR, Mada (mother, right), Blake and Menda Hais
Naples, FL (Residents, 11 years)
"It's a very beautiful place, sunny, and the beach is absolutely gorgeous.  I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.  The kids love the beach and floating on their noodles."
STELBRINK, Bob & Shirley
Clinton, IL (1 week, 5 yrs)
"The weather's beautiful, the people are very, very nice.  Wish we could be here longer, more often or maybe even permanently."
SWENSON, Muriel & Bob
Milford, MA (Snowbirds, 10 yrs)
"Sitting on Bonita Beach, playing in the sand and surf, sure beats being in New England and shoveling snow and sleet.  Greetings to our daughter and family in Harrisville, RI, and to Christian, Heather, Finn and Olivia."
TONER, Cynthia
(Resident, 3 yrs, from Portsmouth, RI)
"Love to work hard relaxing at Bonita Beach.  It's a great place.  Hi to Matt, Frank, Scott and Jamie."
TUNELL, Jack & Pat
(Residents, 2 yrs, from Fairfax, VA)
"We found Paradise. It would be perfect if all the family were here.  A special hello to Brittney, Gregory, Sydney, Kent, Rebecca, Nicholas, Keith, Shelley, Kevin and Diana, and to Janet and Ron and to Judge Perry and Alicia."
(Resident, 1 yr, from New Haven, MO)
"Great beach environment, lots of smiling tanned faces."
Flint, MI  (1 wk/ first visit)
"Relaxing, beautiful and fun!!  And a dolphin came by just ten feet from shore!  I shore hope my picture turned out."
VIOLA, Bob & Carol
Narragansett, RI  (Snowbirds, 12 years)
"Bonita Springs is our home away from home.  Beautiful beaches, golf, excellent restaurants, and most of all, very warm and friendly people.  Narragansett Bay, RI, is the place to be in the summer, but Bonita Beach is the place to be in the winter.  Hi to Robbie, Caroline, Kerry, Peggy and all the kids."
Wagenhofer, Josef & Gertrud
Burghausen, Deutschland (3-4 Woche, erste Besuch)
"Bonita Springs ist erholsam, ruhig and wert wieder zu kommen."