How to post your online postcard

Just email us a photo of you in Bonita and a release saying we have permission to use the photo from you and everybody shown in it.  Email it to

Then include the names and status (resident, snowbird or tourist) of everybody in the photo, from left to right, and for how long you've been coming here or lived here, the city and state you're from, the name of your local hometown paper, your email address so we can contact you (also indicate whether you want that online so people with questions can contact you), what you'd like to say and the names of people you'd like to say "Hi" to (or whatever you want to say to them).  We'll have it online as quickly as we can, most probably within a week, and you can start telling your friends how to find it online.  That's it.

We do reserve the right to edit your comments for space and/or content, so don't try to sneak any four-letter words in there, okay?